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Recruitment Process

Maintaining the Recruitment process

We understand that finding the best candidate is your top priority. 

Recruitment Process

  • Our team would identify the right blend of onsite, offsite and offshore resources to find quickly the Talent you need – a priority during the entire hiring and recruiting process. Our offering is designed to support your hiring needs, and can be customized for volume hiring and niche hiring.

    With Just-in consultancy, you can-:

    -  Increase hiring speed
    -  Improve quality of candidate
    -  Reduce hiring, recruitment costs and agency fees
    -  High level of ownership and partnership
    -  A customized recruitment process
    -  High level of Candidate Experience & Engagement

    Recruitment Process

    Just-in consultancy has recruiters who are specialised in resourcing executive personnel for companies in various industries.

    Our Process

    • Job Analysis

    We capture the job tasks and requirements in a job description as this will assist us in knowing the objectives of the search. Starting recruitment with accurate Job analysis and Job Description insures the recruitment starts off on a proper track of success

    • Sourcing

    This process involves advertising which is a common part of the recruitment process, often encompassing multiple media, such as the news paper, internet, publications, Window advertisement, career centres and graduate recruitment programs at universities.

    • Screening  and Selection

    Suitability of the candidate is normal assessed by evaluating their skills, knowledge and relevant experience. Qualifications are assessed using our most advanced recruitment system application. job application and one-one interviews.

    Our candidate screening methodology is based on matching client`s briefing, Job description and other details, such as length of service, job titles and period of time spent in the same job 

    • On boarding

    Just-in consultancy helps new employees become productive members of your organisation. We provide a planned introduction to new employees